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Monday, January 1, 2007

Hello! First post of the year!

So how did everyone's New Year go? Mine was completely splendid, I had enough fun that I got a bruise in my arm, to start off the year. My cousin was chasing me for teasing him and I tripped and fell into some furniture and yeah, but it was fun. I'm all sore now, haha. I got to spend some time with you peeps on theO over MSN, it was very much fun. And I got to talk to Tiffany over the phone and it was an amazing nine minutes.

Today's my last day for break, going back to schoo, hell isn't it. What's much worse, is that I haven't done my homework and I'm 2 hours away from home, how am I going to achieve doing my homework? I'm not sure.

That's pretty much what I did, and calling everyone and wishing them a Happy New Year, keep our chin's up folks, we've got a new year ahead, and we'll stick together!

(Corny, but hell to it)

Tiffany-I got spoiled..for Naruto but I didn't mean too!! I was looking up some info for Hidan, cause he's disgustingly awesome..and I know who dies..is it him?!? WHY. That's it, two times I've gotten spoiled. I'm so effing mad..

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