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Sunday, December 31, 2006

My last post for the Year, wow..

It's been a long run for us hasn't it? This year's been quite the shocking, for all of us. I still remember it. So with that, I'm hoping some of you who got the PM Invitation will be able to go, I won't be home but at my cousin's house, so I'll try my best to go if he has a computer.

Besides that, I've been good, actually, just lazying around, I have done NOTHING of homework or anything school related, and I should. Frack. I haven't done any cosplay progress, wow.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a blast tonight, to welcome the new year. Shadow, Shanny, Tiffany, James, Evil, Enin, Teri, Becky, Red, Nami, Molly, Dear padawan!, Nessa, Hinaru, Shinkiro, Jess everyone, I hope you have an awesome time, I love you all! With that I'll conclude my last post of this year.

It's been fun, definitely.

(No fact's for this post is too cool for that :D)

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