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Friday, December 29, 2006

Matrix Obsession, activated~
Hey everyone! Well as you can see, a change in theme, this is the last theme for the year, I wanted to make something more bigger and special, but lately I've been HTML lazy, so no plans for that. Another note, my Matrix addiction has returned, for you can be sure to find me around FanFiction.net reading some fics, especially about the Twins. *points above* I made me really mad when they weren't Revolutions.

The trilogy is one of my favorite movies, of all time, no matter what the critics say, I loved it. I've only played Enter The Matrix but I hope The Path of Neo is also good.

Sooo, that's what I've done, read read read, haha. Haven't done of any much else, seems like I'm spending my New Year's over at my cousins house again, and I know it'll be fun, so I'm highly looking forward to that. I FINALLY started editing my BLEACH fanfic, anyone remember this? I shall post about it soon.

To add something to my lame posts, I've wanted to leave a trivia/fact about myself, each time I post.

First up: From time to time, when I go to see a movie, I keep my ticket, and hang them on my wall, just for memories. So far, I've got hanged about 14. Started doing this early summer.

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