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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hello everyone, how's everyone's day so far? Mine's been alright, I saw some more anime and read some manga, you can blame Tiffany for that, hahah. Anywho, I saw more of Host Club, Speed Grapher and Death Note, all three great. I started reading Angel Sanctuary, I've wanted for a while, since I've read Godchild, I though I'd check it out, hehe.

So uh..anyone remember that BLEACH fanfiction I was doing? Well I thought I'd continue if, for I have been since school started, I've got my solid 34 pages, double sided writing done, so yeah, I'm not sure when I'll start again, but you can look out for that.

Haven't done much in the cosplay department or school related lately, though I think I should hahha. To end the post, I'll leave you with a photo on my past birthday.

The flash blinded me, haha and that cake was SO delicious.

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