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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hello everyone! How'd everyone's Christmas go? Mine was splendid haha, oh my. I actually ended up going to the boring friends house, but then after that my mom took me to my cousin's house, he's awesome. Grown up young man, three healthy kids, loving wife and a nice home, c'mon..own five effing cars?!?

Yeah it was very much fun there, all the family and all haha. I didn't get alot of presents though, I'm not surprised whatsoever, I swear. I only got like 4, money, gift card, clothing. So it was pretty low on the presents, but its okay. New Year's coming, we'll be spending it there too. In other news, I finally saw Spirited Away, god I loved it, I never doubted Miyazaki in the first place, since Cartoonnetwork was airing it, I didn't finish it though, so I'm going on a rampage, someone? Anyone know where I can download it??

I also saw the Lake House and Hellboy, both greeat, I cried in the Lake House hahah, I love Reeve's, woo.

That's pretty much what I did, Umm..I also found out that Brandon's in a relationshop, with a close friend of mine, so I'm pretty much hurt right now, and I've avoided coming on AIM..just not to talk to him or my friend, it pretty much makes me all gloomy, I was especially sad when I found out.. That's pretty much it, I submitted some wallpapers please check them out!


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