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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pino knows best~
Sooo how's everyone's Christmas eve? Currently, from the plans my mom told me, it's going to suck. Apparently I was planning on spending it at home with my siblings and all, cause being with them is the win. But nope, were going to her friends home and then the relatives are coming, its fucking boring there, its all grown ups and crap, bahhh I know it, worst christmas, and a side to that, I have to go to church, Vicky is le mad. You know what I mean? Some might.

I haven't gotten the chance to mail our your letters, I won't by the 26th which I strongly apologize for. That's what I've done mostly, I haven't done anything in the cosplay department or assignments from school. I've been a lazy bee. Hehe.

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