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Friday, December 22, 2006

I come from school today, raining, soking and wet and I find a decent small brown package in the front of my home, So yes I received the gift that was mailed to me from Western Canada, thanks Osito! I love the Yoruichi pulshie and the small item. On another note, I went to school today cause I had to take an exam, heh and giving away gifts to my loved ones. Brandon, this guy I soo have the hotts for gave me a gift, I could NOT go like that and not give him one in return. So I bought him a shirt, containing Shiny Toy Guns, cause I love them haha. Anndd X the anime series, DVD 1, He hasn't seen or heard of it, but since he's watching AND loving BLEACH because of me, I thought I'd let him see it, cause X is one of my favorite animes. Heres a little fact: Kamui and Fuma were one of my first bishies. And so he loves it, and gloomps me, which was heaven for me.

So yes, and what he gave me? He knows me best. A Kon pulshie, which I entirely love. Cause, the BLEACH items such as pulshies and other things were liscened so thats good. Other than that, pretty decent school day, I'm falling for Brandon, really, GOD I need to stop. I have yet to send your presents and cards, but I've got quite something large here..and I'm wondering how the hell is it going to hit in a box, oh man. And so here I am, wondering how I'm going to pull this out. Gosh.

That's pretty much all, I have to continue Christmas shopping, and fighting the holiday crowds.

James-Item will be sent.
Shanny-I was browsing through that site you talked to me about, I think I will do the video
Everyone else, have a good weekend and Christmas!

Thanks for stuffing my stocking everyone!~!

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