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Saturday, April 8, 2006

Good Morning or Evening!! Anyway, I'm much better and recovering from yesterday, he's just a dude and lost a chance. Moving on and as you can see I changed the theme..I've been wanting to use this wallpaper as a theme..since forever. I have it on now and the coding was kind tough. Just a few moves to the left and top..what do you think? I really messed up on that big picture in the top, on the graphic program..I like had a brush and just clicked and you can see it on the girls chest..I didnt meant to and by the time I found out, it was already saved. I did Undo numerous times but it seems I did way before I even put the text on..bummer. That sucked alot but hopefully its not too noticable. Changed the music too, hope you like it. From Wolf's Rain album, a very smoothing song..I never heard it before until I saw the whole series. Enjoy! Anyway like I said yesterday after school I went with Adrielle to go see "Take The Lead" with my huge favorite actor: Antonio Banderas! I love that man so much and he was so excellent in that movie. This movie really inspires people...it does. I want to dance now! XD Go see it if you have some time, a very good movie.

Since it's Adrielle's birthday this Tuesday I did the favor to buy her tickets..and then we got our food and we headed, on the way we saw Jesse, a..alright dude. He's annoying sometimes and can get perverted but he's cool. We saw him and he was going to see the movie too but he sat in the front alone cause his other friends were in the middle, he said he felt gay sitting in the front. He almost finished Adrielle's popcorn but then I told her to cough on it..yeah thats what we do to not get food robbers! He's cool and we saw the movie..its good. After Adrielle's dad picked us up and he drove me home. Then after I saw my dad he told me to get ready to go to church. We don't go to church but somewhere where we learn about the bible and stuff. Though our dad wasn't taking me and Grecia, it was Chevo..that guy who I told you about who did that swinging in the basement and fell on his back and I almost pissed in my pants. On the way we saw Griz walking to the bus stop to go home but we and picked her up in our 'limo' van. We picked up Edith and her kid but they took a looong time and it was already late. He were fooling around, making corny jokes, like we all usually do. In the end we didn't go, most of didn't want to go anyway.

But our dad called us to see if we went..we said we got lost and stuff. Then he said "Well you had the intention to go, that's what counts". We really didn't want to go and just get lost and then go home. By that time I felt very guilty and so did Grecia. We stopped by the chicken place and bought some food and went home and ate..That was our night, just talking and the usual chilling around. I lost my iPod in my own house..I can't find it and I don't remember where I left it..I need my iPod..I need Poncho back, that's his name haha. Well today I was planning to go to Montgomery College and take the SAT but I didn't cause I didn't study very well. I feel bad now..but I'll got take it on Monday..for sure. It's Spring break everyone! And guess what?! I got my period.. That's uncalled for!! But anyway..I'll continue with the story..oh and for those who haven't read it yet, you can find it here! And for those who have read..you'll continue reading part three. Read part two if you want to get refreshed.

Enjoy and leave opinion comments! Remember this is a Bleach and Matrix mix, I'll describe characters and its up to the read to guess who it is. Sorry for the long post, you didn't have to read it. *passes out cookies to readers* Anyway that's it for my update!

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