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Friday, April 7, 2006

Hey everyone, going to make this post a little short. Going to the movies with Adrielle to see "Take The Lead" with my favorite actor, Antonio Banderas. Anyway today was quite an eventful day, Since we were having the wrestling tournament, we had a half day time blocks. First period was 30 minutes but during those, the power went out. It went on and then went off, this caused the students to flip out and stuff. We mostly spent first period, talking about what people are doing for spring break. I was in the corner with some other girls, they talking about the tournament and how it's going to kick some ass. Then on to second period, the power was still off and half the students went outside in the courtyard, where our teacher could still see us. The power came back and the complaining arised. Then we went to fourth period and some of the girls and boys danced Salsa, it is a spanish class. They danced and I just sat there, seeing Aldo with his chick. It still hurts if you're asking. I mostly was sitting with my head down, trying to not me emo. After that class ended the grade headed to the cafeteria for lunch. It was alright, thats when Adrielle invited me to the movies.

So anyway, while eating I still managed to keep the limit in eating. It was hard..seeing Shannon eat Fritos in my face. Bet she was doing it on purpose too. I had made a bet with my sister of 50 bucks for me to ask Ronny if he liked me. Remember that whole admirer thing in mid Feb and March. I only had today to ask him and I told Adrielle, she totally told me that asking him was worth the money. But..I'm a chicken and I was getting very nervous. My heart was pumping fast and well..we saw him in the distance and she grabbed my hand and took me up the stairs. I wanted to run away and not ask him but Adrielle was determined to make me. We were at her locker and we saw him with his friend, fooling around. I really didnt want to ask him now, what if I got so nervous I forgot what to say?! After we left to my locker, Adrielle knew what I was thinking and quickly grabbed my hand to Ronny's direction. There he was at his locker, turning the knob to find the combination. I ...was just..I don't know I was SO nervous. "Hey..Ronald" I said..walking to him closer. Adrielle who tricked me..continued walking..like ditching me. And then it just happened. I asked him if he liked me. To find out for about 2 months. The questioning was over.

I told him and he, still turning the knob to his combination, shook his head. Just like that, glanced at me but then looked at the numbers. Calmly and sure, he shook his head. With that I just nodded and told him that it was something I heard. I left, the kill Adrielle's stupid asian self. So there it is folks, There was never an admirer, it was all false. And what hurts more is that I REALLY believed he DID like me. I made up so many illusions, dreams and I know they were going to get crushed. This is what the..4th time the little stupid heart gets broken. I catched up to Adrielle and went to my locker, remembering everything I said..what was his reaction.. We headed to the gym, the heart was broken. After a good bunch of minutes the gym was fully set up and the tournament began. It was amazing and saw people throw people on the mat, it was fun. Tried to have fun and there he was, a few feet away from me. He wasn't there, there was nothing to get sad over right. He's just a guy.. It's not true. Overall the day sucked..and spring break is next week..I'm happy because I wont see him and anyone else. I'll get to rest and just keep thinking about what happened..

I'm still sad.

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