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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Aiya..thanks for the words everyone. Really lifted my spirits. Especially Shadow and Caprice, you have my big thanks. Well the things with me and Grecia..we have these kind of out bursts..like I said. We need to rant whenever and I rant to her and she rants to me. But..mostly bitching, so it's all cool now, like nothing ever happened. Though I'm not sure if things will go like that. Pretty peace and then after a while bitching. Let's hope alright? Well anyway, nothing much has changed at home too. After school I went out with Aldo, It's been a while since I went out with him. We went to this mexican resturant and we just talked. I kinda ran out of steam to know what to say. Sitting in a table, facing eachother. Waiting for food, not talking. I couldn't help but burst out laughing. It was so much fun, like the old times. I miss that. So much. Then he dropped me off and I got home and played a little bit of Soul Calibur..good fighting. Kicking butt. My cousin and aunt came over at 12 AM ..and she came in bursting in my room and greeting me so loud. I'm sleeping for crying out loud!!! She talked to me and I just nodded..trying my best to fall asleep so she can leave me the hell alone. But it didn't work and things got even worse when she was discriminating my posters of Green Day, Lira & Roll and My Chemical Romance..give me a break. She hates rock period

Then she went on my laptop for about an hour and then I feel asleep and then woke up again when my aunt, grandma and cousin came back up and were making so much noise. I'm sleeping!! I wake up so tried in the morning. Then we slept, aunt on grandma's bed. Grandma on floor and so is cousin. I went to sleep because it was 2 AM. But then my granmda complained about how much she wanted to sleep downstairs because I have to get up early and go to school. Cousin went downstairs and so did grandma. Aunt was sleeping in bed and snored ALL NIGHT. I couldn't sleep, even the iPod couldn't make me sleepy. I ended up sleeping until 3 and then wake up at 6. Only three hours of sleep..that's not funny.. I woke up really tired.. Well before that me and Grecia were just cleaning out the room and it was fun. We make jokes and stuff..like I said we'll have out ranting moments but for now its all good. So we were just moving things and Grecia told me some funny things. Very funny that I almost pissed on myself. We have a friend living with us in our house and well he's short so then between the table and a chair and so he was holding himself and swung his legs backwards and forward and suddenly he lost his grip and fell on his back. Just like that...and ..it was hilarious..so much. I ..pissed in myself. It was that funny. Well period is almost over so I need to go before the bell dings!

Edit: Oh and about my cousin, she hates anime too...though she didn't say anything about it cause I show nothing on my walls..yeah I'm lamo. For some reason I see that Shanny updated but I go to her site and its the same post from last time.. 0_o

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