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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Going to make this quick because I'm at school right now, should be doing a project. Right now I'm doing hard research on Aquamarine because I'll be doing a model of it..holy god..Its ripping my skin off my brain..like it had skin.
Well yesterday I saw the SAT lady and she just encouraged me to keep on going. Cause if I don't pass these SAT's in October then I can forget about going to college. I also have to read every day, read the Washington post editoral storys and write 2 paragraph about it every week. Study some hard butt vocabulary words. On a side of that, do my school homework. Things are going to change because its the last marking period, and there gonna make us work. I can't take this anymore. Also my dad and Grecia got in a fight. Including my self. This progrqam that my mom put me in is costing alot of money. The woman told us to ask my dad to pay as well but my dad, being cold he is. Doesn't want to because he agree's with Grecia. Were wasting money because we'll have the practice SAT at school. Then after dad said he wasn't going to pay, Grecia started bitching at me saying that MY parents (hate it when she calls OUR dad 'my' dad) waste alot of money.

I can't afford to pay 3 fucking dollars for lunch every day. I don't eat anything at lunch..since March. So now I was like complaing that I don't have enough money and Grecia just blurted out "You've gone to Nicaragua, Mexico, Disney Land, Georgia, Flordia, you're parents have the money. While in mexico my dad NEVER took me anywere" ..if you don't get it, she was making herself the victim. Also she was blaming me for being born because if I wasn't born, my dad wouldn't meet my mom and would still be with Grecia's mom. Saying that because of my mom and dad, Grecia's life is ruined. THAT's IN THE PAST, GET OVER IT! MOVE ON ADIOS BYE! This not, showing it of course made me soo pissed off. I'm tired of her telling me that I waste my money and that she doesn't have money because my dad GIVES me money. It's not true..if he did I would be eating at school. I don't know what to tell her because if I tell her something then she shoots something back at me..its so pissing and I'm tired of it. To make things worse, I'm ten pounds over weight and yesterday at lunch, my friends ate their little junk food. A while ago, Shannon came over my house and we were watching movies. We ordered a medium pizza. After I ate 2 pices I was done for or else I'd get fat. But Shannon was complaining that she wasn't even full.

She eats a WHOLE pizza and is in sooo good shape. She had no tummy..stuff like that. She eats alot of junk food almost every day and doesn't work out. I get REALLY REALLY jealous easily so I got mad. How come they can eat what they want and still have that good shape. I eat junk food and then later you see it. I'm like..going crazy cause if I eat something like that then I'll work out. Cause also I'm tired of my grandma keep telling me that I look 3 month's pregnant with my huge stomach. Even if I go eat a yorgurt she tells me "There you go again, get fat" I hate when people tell me that cause I know. I hate my ownself cause I tell myself that too. I'm working my butt off to get those ten pounds off but I'm so fustrated right now..like so much. But I'm going to turn into those eating lunatics but it seems like that. All I want is to be in great shape, stop suffering with my current stomach problem and just do what I need to do.. Anyway teachers around, I'm off.

Edit: don't worry about that whole rambling, I just needed to let it out anyway, probably someone else is having a rougher time than me and I'm no one to be bitching. Anyway we had a foodfight in school and all I least asked was to get our principal to tell us were a disgrace to latin people. Greatidoo, bitch.

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