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Monday, April 3, 2006

Nothing new..just head over to Caprice's for OtakuBowl..theres some hard choices there!! Go vote!
So anyway school ween alright, was the usual. We have a new girl and she's cool though the 'popular' girls just said "Oh my god..why are there so many new people comming" and all that shit..in the girls face. That's ..a nice welcoming. P.E. was the funest of all, me, Adrielle and Urnie were just being retards and making weird jokes. Whenever Urnie bent down and we would just crack up and he would shout "Stop looking at my ass"..oh man he's so funny. Over all I had a very fun day..haha. New shout box everyone..it's back for good! Go use it! xD

Also, the tornado's in the mid west..I'm worrying over Nessa..though I'm hoping she's alright, PM me sweetheart to put me at ease. Okay moving on to the story!!

Nothing but a tried smile. You didnt see that very often in this city. "What kind" I told her, watching out for any blasted security guards. "Doesnt matter, just any" she replied looking around. I looked over at Rangiku who had just handed a shot to a tall red spiked hair guy with some wicked tattos in his forehead. In exchange for the shot the guy looked at Rangiku's big breats and that makes me laugh. No suit for sure, black shirt with the colar straight up and some black and red sweat bands. This guy had style. I looked at Rangiku and wigled my nose, signaling: who were these people??. She lifted her shoulders with no clue. I poured the liquid that made us all feel light in the small cup.
I put it the counter and slid it across for the girl to reach it. Down it went. She requested another one and I obeyed. Rangiku who walked over said "Who was that?" "How whould I know" I replied wondering. "Though that guy was hella fine" I added before getting the bottle again. "Damn right" she replied chuckling. We laughed a bit and I turned around and she was gone.
The shot was full and she was gone. "What happened to that girl?" I asked looking around the club. "What girl?" Rangiku asked bringing her brows together. "The one who was just here" "Gone" I agreed and drank the shot myself. I looked for the other guy on the other side for the club and he was gone too. Been a while since I saw something like that happened and it was quite interesting.
"Hey" shouted Rangiku -"Take the bin out!" she tried shouting louder than the music. I nodded in response and got the bags. Someone had to do it buy why me? I'm just complaining anyway. I kicked the door open and soon felt the cold breeze wrap it's arms around me, in my bare back.
It was wearing a tight top that only covered my chest, and abdomen. Wearing a school skirt made of belts...I was fly. It walked out to the balcony, ready to throw them over the bars into the garbage can. The town was quite..the moon was glowing and smoke from homes and buildings rose. Like a festival, dancing on the air. The thoughts can back again. Was there another world under the one were all in. Though my thoughts were cut off when I heard loud gun shots

Didn't proofread so sorry if I mispell something!
Okay then there you have it, second part, no chapters XD but also notice the characters I described..tell me if you know who is who!

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