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Sunday, April 2, 2006

Hey everyone! Whoo I'm on a roll today eh? Hahah well I've had a good weekend its been alright though I did miss the SAT test on Saturday and the person who host's it would like a word with me..oh dear. Well anyway other than that I've been alright, in a writer's mood of course. Let's just say that I am writing my own story and I've already shared it with three people and they like it. Why not post it here I asked myself. I think I will actually.

A mix of anime and movie..yeah I'm lame but I got inspired by Beckster and a dream that I had. If you haven't read Beck's story, you really should, its awesome. Ummm I haven't been reading any manga or watching anime online. I did see Ghost In The Shell last night but my VCR stopped during the show..so I didnt see the last 5 minutes..pooo. I just came back from church so I'll probably head out later..don't know. Oh have you all heard, I'm sure. Bleach is going to air in Fall on Adult Swim so not Toonami and that..my friend is a lifesaver. Inuyasha is great..and its a Viz production then I'm sure Bleach will kick ass. Hmm..what else is new..I got a new desk and completely changed the room..sort of. I need to post new pictures whenver I can by the way. Anyhoo I'll leave you with a little part of the story.. It's a mix of Bleach and The Matrix...don't laugh..I was bored! ..I'm retarded..

It still didnt take as long for me to forget when I was plugged out. Life had always been a pain in the ass for me, I'm used to it. I had graduated from a college and moved out of the rents house immediatly. With the money I had saved I moved to an apartment a few blocks away from my work. I'm working at a libary...its only me, Rangiku and Max. Of course the owner but he's just there.
We don't make much money from that little small place. It's ancient and the color from the shelfs are fading with time. But then begins the night, Later I work in a club. It's big and and theres a huge dance floor. With gothic settlings, four cylinders on each corner of the dance floor. The bar is the top floor, it's open and viewable to almost every one. Step's for anyone to climb. All dark and vicious. The music is always blasting..so many lights and skin. I'm a server at the neon bar. Rangiku is also there, were great friends like sisters. Late night partying isn't always bad, usually good. Though this is where it all began. I even remember the date. I was working at the club, music blasting with "Dissolved Girl", skin touching skin.
Wet warm sensations. People just come here to have fun. Though it seemed since as if everything changed when he appeared. Black suit, white shit and black tie. Some white triangles in his long black silky hair. He certainly blended out from everyone else. Them wearing chains and gothic clothing and showing that skin. The first time I saw someone dressed like him in a bar like this. Standing near a glass cylinder in which Marixa danced in. He seemed...emotionless..thinking nothing and I wondered. How someone can think of nothing. Was everything worth nothing to him?
But who was I to jump to conclusions. He was on the other side of the club. My thoughts stopped when a teenager appeared in front of me. A black tank top with huge buttons around it and her hair...fitted her beautiful face. The ends went their own way in her skinny shoulders. A little drawed and sewed rabbit was on the left side of her chest. "Give me a vodlka shot" she said to me. She seemed in her late teens, the alcohol age was 19. But I remember I would ask a bar tender and they would hand me one anyway.

So..if you like it let me know and tell me what you think and what you don't like. Opinions are welcome! By the way, keep on the look out for characters I describe..I'm going to use the Bleach characters. I already introduced one. Also, cleaned out the friend's list..it should help me visit better. You lovies are still there, no worries.

Second favorite twins, first are the twins in the Matrix yoHey all~!
I FINALLY saw Harry Potter 5, annnd Transformers. Wow both cannot be weighed together, both were pretty good on their own accounts. I don't got much time to review like I planned, time is short and Otakon is in three days, well including Thursday which is when I'll leave to our hotel.


But anyway, HP was good, better than I expected, but not the best. We still got HBP and DH to watch but Order of the Phoenix was alright, they left out a bunch but no jonnin because; it's a movie. Can't cram 800+ pages into a 2 hour movie, but it was good. Imelda Staunton as our lovely Dolores Umbridge was far from awesome, she was brilliant. Played her part well and made us hate her, she was good. Good ol' Gary Oldman was also great, I'm a big Sirius fan so when I read in the book that he 'died' I bawled. I'm serious people, I literly..BAWLED for about an hour. I had to re-read his death and then I stopped and crawled to my bed and bawled. He was so amazing. God, and when I saw his death in the movie, I bawled, but quietly. I didn't want anyone to see me, haha. But man and I'm also a little annoyed that Bellatrix did "Avada Kedavra" on Black, since that really wasn't what happened in the book, I'm pretty sure they put it there to let everyone know that in fact Sirius *IS* dead. Which makes me want to cry. I'm also sad they took out the St. Mungo's scene, that was a great one, especially learning more about young Longbottom. Uhh what else oh yes, the ending. If only Dumbledore could have explained more to Harry about the prophecy, then it would be more understanding. I didn't see a tear down his cheek, that would have been nice and emotional, haha. I also believe that if they added the part where Draco warns Harry he, Harry will pay for what he did to Draco's father, it would have been nice, to start off HBP annnd the tension. Snape's memory should have been longer too, oh well still a very great film!!

Am I a bad critic? Haha, well the film was still AMAZING nonetheless. Very good, but Prisoner of Azkaban will always be my favorite, Goblet of Fire continued. Why? First, Cuaron is an amazing director, and hey he's from Mexico. He's camera work and just his --ahh well he's cool XD Sorry if anyone disagrees XD
And Transformers, that was just..utterly ..glorious? Haha, robots smashing other robots, hott.
Okok, must go on with cosplay and, hell my room is a mess. I need to start packing DX

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