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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hey all!
Itís what the con was about, humping, groping, pwning and lots of sushi and sticky rice w/ vag! [Iím on the left behind Jiraya]

Katsucon came and went and I yet had another fantastic time. Iím rather glad that I had the flu BEFORE the con than after it. I had the flu Wednesday night through Thursday night and was basically in bed all day. This prevented me from completely two cosplays but I ended up wearing about five costumes to the con. I wasnít in the masquerade this year nor did I attend it, I was rather at a shoot with God Lionel whose photoís are fantastic. I wore Madoka [Tenjho Tenge], Lambo [KHR!], Naoto [DOGS], Jan Valentine [Hellsing], Arashi [X/1999] and David [DGM].

So yeah that was extreme madness. But I had a ton of fun and thatís what matters. I didnít even register or go to the dealerís room much, hahah. Iím still looking for more pictures of the con so stay tuned for that. I'm not sure what my next con is, I was thinking of Anime Boston, despite it being on Easter weekend, I'm not sure if my parents would like that. I'm also thinking of heading up to AnimeNEXT with the crew but alias, finding a way up there always seems to be the problem. Afterwards is definitely Otakon and AnimeUSA. I've been sucked into cons and cosplaying that it's crazy but I love it. It's a fantastic hobby despite it eating my wallet to the extreme. Hahaha. Besides that, I havenít done much on my end, except go to school and feeling much better than two posts ago. <3
Iím in class right now when I should be typing up a paper so Iím going to get going now. For some reason myO isnít letting me comment on your pages despite being logged in. Itís sad D: And I really don't like the new menu on the left on MyOtaku page, I know they want to separate it from theOtaku.com but I feel it rather naked and empty. It makes me sad for some reason and a little more work like typing up theotaku.com instead of moving to it by clicking a link on the menu. Was that confusing?

Oh and my fellow Americans [east-coasters I believe?] and Canadians, who saw the pretty lunar eclipse last night? Oh and any Persona 3/Phoenix Wright players? I'm thinking about playing both, though I don't have a DS for Phoenix Wright and it's making me sad.

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