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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

MUCC = <3
Hey all.
I hate bringing you a ramble/rant whichever to you all but I just don't have any where else to, besides it is my blog which I rarely update now. I can't say things have been going well, because in fact they arent. School is going fantastic, doing my work and whatnot and getting good grades so far but just I keep feeling this empty spot in myself, like I'm missing something. And I have no idea what it is that its killing me trying to find out what it is. I've been coming home feeling like uber crap and just want to sleep. I wake up in the mornings swearing and just not wanting to do anything. Its funny cause I have the motivation to stay up late and do my projects and homework, work on cosplay and do house work but when I'm done I get that empty feeling again that it just isn't doing me good at all. I just want to sleep and have someone there. I realized the friends that I made in my new school a year ago, aren't so charming. Its like we segragated now and its annoying, two of them who are possibly the two closet people I've friended with are now starting to piss me off. They're just not like before and lkfjlsdfjljk.

This is bananas. I guess the only thing I can say is that I'm really really looking foward to Katsucon next weekend because atleast I'll definitely have some fun due to epic plans and be with amazing friends. Whom I haven't seen since November but they're just exactly the people I need to live around with, sucks that some of them are states away and 3424234 hours away. For now I'll just have to be here with this hole in my chest, and its bothering me because I just don't know what it is and I feel like bawling every second and that's definitely not me. I dont like to unless I've got a good reason too. Anywho now that that's been said, I feel a little lighter, if you know what I mean. I like myOtaku because I've got amazing friends and even though we're 493834092 miles away, you all and your comments and entries and chats-- they always seem to make me smile real wide. sorrry guys, for throwing this ramble at you


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