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Friday, January 25, 2008

Hey all, guess I should update because I can. Um new class schedule was given to us kids in school this week. Nothing new:
1A- Economics(Sub for History)
1B- French
2A- AP Biology [with the hottest teacher durr]
2B- Technology
3A- Health
3B- Honors English
4A- Studio Art
4B- Algebra 2

Damn, that new biology teacher is gorgeous and I hate to admit it. Anyway Katsucon is coming up, in like..three weeks? Holy damn. Here's the list:
Friday 10AM-7PM: Naoto [DOGS] NEW!
Friday 730PM-???: David [D.Gray-Man Old
Saturday 11AM-1PM: Arashi [X/1999] Old
Saturday 1PM-8PM: Jan [Hellsing] NEW!
Saturday 830PM-11PM: Lambo [Katekyo Hitman REBORN!] NEW!
Sunday: Ritsuka [Loveless] NEW!

So over all, three new costumes. I already finished Lambo, who is on the far right in this photograph. I've yet to start on Jan and Naoto, yikes.

I also decided to go ahead and do this version of Lambo as well. I'm not done but it's what I've made so far, and if you're curious; I pained those glasses orange-y. :3

So I guess that covers it for today, Sunday is Griselda's birthday [my step-sister] and we're hoping to do something exciting for her. I changed the theme around here to Mukuropineapplehead from Katekyo Hitman REBORN!.

Yes, I will keep talking about this fandom until you all read it. It's amazing

EDIT: So I'm updating my iPod, finding out some way to put anime in it and suddendly I notice it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on it, its back to having 73GB free...all my 16GB are gone on it. I want to kill someone, badly. Fuck you, Frijol + iTunes

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