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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jack looking epicHayyy guys. <3
How's it going for you all?
I have exams next week, so thus I am studying this week like a mad man but uhm..


Sorry, couldn't help myself, I grew up watching that show and it really brings back old memories watching it. Titan makes me lulz and Toa scares me. I'm sad Chad lost agaisnt Anthony but oh well atleast Molivann won! Woo. Haha. So yeah, I haven't been doing the best job in commenting but I've got about six exams next week that I prefer to study than stick online. [Reason why I am right now is because I'm printing out a paper I just finished and just ordered some wigs for cosplay].

So yeah, wish me luck everyone, oh and check out MUCC's "Fuzz" PV if you'd like. They are possibly one of my favorite J-rock bands ever and are really excited to see them play here on the east coast once again!

Oh speaking of which, it is January and today it was FREAKIN' 77 degree's outside!! WTF WEATHER. My mom says we're all going to die, haha ohh mom. But yeah..very scary actually. People in school wore skits and flip flops today! Damn.

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