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Friday, August 3, 2007

I love these twins.NEW SMALL THEME!
I can't get enough of these twins or HP. I've been into it for more than a month, I think this beats my other obsessions that aren't anime/manga related, except The Matrix[That lasted two goddamn years, yo] So this theme features the twins, Fred and George Weasley from HP. I love them too much and hey guess what? These twins are going to be at Dragon*Con this year and ya know what?

I'm going!!! I won't be able to go like I planned. I'd do almost ANYTHING to meet these two, even kill, no I'm serious. Totally. Well..you get my point. It's heartbreaking, I know I'm a lame person to be sad over such a small ridiculous thing.. Oh well, ya can't win em all, hopefully when I'm a bit older I'll be able to go and meet them. Lets just hope they'll still be spankin' hott, ahha. But hey..Stephenie Meyer, author of Twilight and New Moon is visiting Virginia so I'm definitely doing to try to meet her there =DDD Anyway I finished Deathly Hollows last week and woah man, good stuff. I want to write a review about it, but I want to keep this post spoiler-free so til next time.

Besides fandoms and other crack, I haven't really done much school work like I should be doing. Haven't ready any books they've asked me too and bahh gotta do that soon. Not much, random post, I'll try to get to your sites today :]

And to conclude, a fanmix I made of..Fred & Angelina, from of course HP. No seriously, I'm literly..into it so much, slay me now folks. So check it out if you'd like to =D Oh and Otakon pictures next post too!

'Time Is Running Out' [Fred&Angelina Fanmix]

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