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Saturday, July 28, 2007

<33Freak Amazon, I went to Borders and got the book myself yesterday. Now I'm half way through and alot is on my mind, though I'm still avoiding the internet I've been opening iTunes alot lately; ya know to listen to music. Deathly Hollows so far is good, intense--not really what I expected though. I shall keep reading and give my rull review along with my Otakon report too. I also went and saw Order of the Phoenix again with my cousin who hadn't seen it. I saw a few more things.
  • Twins are awesome.
  • Wow, Percy Weasley looked greeeat in this movie if you ask me, he was handsome.

    Thats all. But I'm sure you expected things like that coming from me. I'll be back soon, with report. In the mean time, check out my portfolio for cosplay photos, I added a few more to David and Woz. Added a new gallery for Arashi :D

    *goes back to reading*

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