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Monday, July 16, 2007

Second favorite twins, first are the twins in the Matrix yoHey all~!
I FINALLY saw Harry Potter 5, annnd Transformers. Wow both cannot be weighed together, both were pretty good on their own accounts. I don't got much time to review like I planned, time is short and Otakon is in three days, well including Thursday which is when I'll leave to our hotel.

But anyway, HP was good, better than I expected, but not the best. We still got HBP and DH to watch but Order of the Phoenix was alright, they left out a bunch but no jonnin because; it's a movie. Can't cram 800+ pages into a 2 hour movie, but it was good. Imelda Staunton as our lovely Dolores Umbridge was far from awesome, she was brilliant. Played her part well and made us hate her, she was good. Good ol' Gary Oldman was also great, I'm a big Sirius fan so when I read in the book that he 'died' I bawled. I'm serious people, I literly..BAWLED for about an hour. I had to re-read his death and then I stopped and crawled to my bed and bawled. He was so amazing. God, and when I saw his death in the movie, I bawled, but quietly. I didn't want anyone to see me, haha. But man and I'm also a little annoyed that Bellatrix did "Avada Kedavra" on Black, since that really wasn't what happened in the book, I'm pretty sure they put it there to let everyone know that in fact Sirius *IS* dead. Which makes me want to cry. I'm also sad they took out the St. Mungo's scene, that was a great one, especially learning more about young Longbottom. Uhh what else oh yes, the ending. If only Dumbledore could have explained more to Harry about the prophecy, then it would be more understanding. I didn't see a tear down his cheek, that would have been nice and emotional, haha. I also believe that if they added the part where Draco warns Harry he, Harry will pay for what he did to Draco's father, it would have been nice, to start off HBP annnd the tension. Snape's memory should have been longer too, oh well still a very great film!!

Am I a bad critic? Haha, well the film was still AMAZING nonetheless. Very good, but Prisoner of Azkaban will always be my favorite, Goblet of Fire continued. Why? First, Cuaron is an amazing director, and hey he's from Mexico. He's camera work and just his --ahh well he's cool XD Sorry if anyone disagrees XD
And Transformers, that was just..utterly ..glorious? Haha, robots smashing other robots, hott.
Okok, must go on with cosplay and, hell my room is a mess. I need to start packing DX

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