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Saturday, July 7, 2007

<3Hey guys!
It's been a while since I posted, thought I'd pop by to explain a part of my absense. It's nothing serious or interesting, just been enjoying my summer and spend most of my time home, relaxing and playing video games and what not. Did I mention that I've been re-reading all Harry Potter books and that I'm really addicted to it once more? Well now you know, god I'd shag Fred and George Weasley anytime, bwahha. Anywho, I'm sure everyone has heard of the "Live Earth Concert" which happens today, all around the world, 7.7.07?
This is brilliant if you ask me, and hey, you can watch the concerts on deman on Sunday, ahah.

Currently watching Abingdon Boys School play[which is why I'm still awake at three-thirty in the moring], very good band, they play the first opening for the anime, D.Gray-Man.
My internet is really low right now so I'll end it here before it goes off completely.

-To Tiffany && Teri, I wont be around home today much [cousins birthday] and so I will prolly be back late to post with you.

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