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Friday, June 29, 2007

<3I guess I should just post instead of changing my theme and doing the coding, which will take years. Helloo guys, haha it's been a while since I posted, aloot has happened. So the whole gym problem? Its alright, been going there daily and come back feeling so sore, but I guess its a good experience, and hey, losing the fat and burning more calories, which is as always a great thing. Hell even old ladies go there and work out, its so cute.

And thus my true goal has come: To get spartan abs. You bet. Thanks to SG, its my goal. Haha. 300 is just so great, and know what else is great? No not Anime Expo, ho's up there, luckyyys.
Its Transformers, god that will be glorious, I can't wait. Honestly.
Soo I started watching the anime Code Geass annnd Romeo x Juliet, wow both are very good series. Must make icons of both..bwahah.
Short update, I'm still alive folks :D

Ohh and picture spam post will come soon, I dont have my camera.

"Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's

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