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Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's been a while, a whole week actually, heh. I can only find time to actually post on weekends, jeez. Wait til it's summer guys, I'll post like a crazy person. I'm sure we all will, it's just school.
Anyway, I've been fine, nothing much has been happening around me lately. School, moving things in my room, thats pretty much all I can say. Ooh yeah, Otakons like in..hmm..2 months away? WHO IS COMING?! Haha, it'd be awesome to spend a con with someone, haha, I'm just talking crazy now XD

Anyway on to something that is more important and worth of saying. Today is a birthday of not one wonderful lady, but two. On theO. Lexa and Shadow, they're quite an amazing and smart women. They both have snapped me out of it whenever I was feeling down.

Have it good ladies =D

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