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Friday, April 6, 2007

<3Okay, here for a little update on my life.
Been very busy even on Spring Break, and its over, we dont go back until Tuesday but yeah. It was okay. It could have been alot better though. I had to go to work in the morning. I did quite alot of things besides work this week.
I got a hair cut, well..mostly trimmed my bangs and the ends, its a little shorter but still the same. I got a new phone, a Chocolate Mint. I'm SO happy with it, the color is pretty, haha. Went out to by some new clothes and got my retainers tightened a bit. Yeah, pretty eventful. I haven't gotten the time to go out with friends, until today. I'm actually rasing agaisnt time cause I'm heading out to hang out with a few friends of mine.

Oh and things with Mario? We didnt go to the movies like planned, Brandon had to do something so we suggested Saturday but Mario himself couldn't go because he had a soccer game. Weds we planned and Sara babe couldn't go. RJROIEJRIEWJWIER. I was sad. Oh well, might throw my game on when the week is over, been thinking alot about it. I've been enjoying three albums, Amy Winehouse's Back to Black, The Photo Atlas's No, Not Me, Never and Modest Mouse's We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. So check those out, good music.

Hmm what else. OH YES. NEW THEME. A quickly done one too, I was and ARE planning on making an Ergo Proxy theme soon, but been so busy and lazy. I'm HTML retarded. Anyway, have a good weekend you all!

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