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Thursday, March 29, 2007

X/1999CHRIST. I haven't updated in a really long time. To be honest, I've been so busy with school and life. First, my report card was mailed and I got it yesterday, I got three C's which is a 70% percent. My mom blewww up. But its a new quarter, heh. Also, a friend of mine has been helping me talk to the dude I'm interested in, my friend's name is Brandon and the hawt guy is Mario. Brandon introduced me into him and I nearly died of shock. I'm going to the movies tomorrow night with Brandon and his girlfriend, Sara to see TMNT. In which Brandon came up with the idea of talking to Mario to invite him. I nearly died of shock too. I'm just too shy.

Basically, I've been busy and I haven't had time to start Vulnerable or make icons, even see some anime. My cousin from Louisana has been staying here with me, and it's not really all that cool. Treating me like her daughter, a real disaster. I'm fine, I've been playing Kingdom Hearts, God of War II and other games. But since my cousin arrived and took over my room and computer, I haven't had time to make icons, see anime, read fanfictions, CHANGE my layout and other things I used to do. Not even log into MSN. I miss you all, I feel isolated. I hope your doing fine though.

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