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Saturday, March 17, 2007

One, I love you~HAI GUYZ. Oh woow, been a while since I posted hehe, but I've been around though, reading sites and all that jazz.
I'm feeling much better now, all that I have is a sore throat but it's going away, so I'm pretty good. School is going good, very good haha. OH NOES, VICKY IS CRUSHING ON SOME GUY. ELL OHH ELL.
Hah, sounding like a 9 year old, yeah it's all good. There so many things I need to do on this site, like the new layout, and to be honest, I'm starting to feel HTML retarded, should just keep this type of layout and change the pictures, cause all of my coding wont work on other browsers and them my page is all effed up. *sigh*

Anyway, I posted some more icons along with Tiffany in our icon journal. So feel free to drop by and take a few =D Oh and to Teri, you can take whichever you like and post it on your site!

Hmm..next time, I should give a photo tour of my room, been a while since I did that and my room has been changed XD
And I saw 300 Thursday night, haha, SPPPARRTTAAA. And now? God of War II came in the mail yesterday, Amazon, I love you. I will now stay glued to the couch and play it, because it is that glorious.

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