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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gaahhh~Hello all!
Wahh, I think I have the flu guys..
Monday morning, woke up feeling as if elephants stompered over my back and as if I got wacked in a head 13243243243254 times. And yet was crazy enough to go to school? Not a good idea, made it through the day with just laying my head on the desk. Called my father if he could pick me up when school was over.

Flopped onto bed around 3PM and didnt wake up until 7PM, still feeling like crap. My mom gave me some pills and stuff, definitely felt better, then during the night, I couldn't sleep at all, turning and turning on the bed. Yuck. Still woke up feeling crappy so I didn't go to school. Gahh, I think I do have the flu, thank god my stomach is okay.. Anyway, I'm doing pretty good now so I should be good to go to school tomorrow.

Anyway my real point was to tell you all to visit my friend's site, Caprice. She's holding the 2nd annual OtakuBowl and it's just a competition agaisnt anime, video games and movies based on anime or a video game. I'm not really good with explaining ^__^; so visit her site, there's a whole iframe table explaining =D
So vote!

New theme should be up soon, might start on it today..

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