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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Out of the gang, Two-Bit's my most favorite~Glory, I haven't posted in a long long time, I apologize, I aint leaving myO or anything, I'm just kinda blank in what to write about these days. I've been home and going to school and all that jazz, life's been prettty the usual for me. I ordered a few movies over Amazon and they got here in the mail on friday, so I'm gonna see some of that. My friend finally returned my game: Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner, anyone ever heard or played this game? It's an awesome mecha game, VERY awesome and all, I recommend it. In cosplay plans, my next convention is probably AnimeNEXT up in New Jersey, I'm still trying to find someone I can carpool with, so crossing my fingers for that, if not then its not until July when I go to Otakon. I REALLY wanted to go to Anime Boston, to meet with Becky, but my budget right now is really low, EWORUJROPSWTHEPH.

Other news, more like sites and stuff, I've got a deviantART page, mostly for pictures and stuff. Also an icon journal with Tiffany, were new and just started so there isnt much up yet, have a look at them if you'd like! I've got to read Naruto, D.Gray-Man and BLEACH, holy cracks, GOOD stuff.

That's it from me, folks.

Oh snap, I need to change the theme too, it's been up too long now..

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