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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Like..I'm into TO now~Hello everyone! Golly, I haven't updated in a while eh? I just don't find anything going on with me, worth posting about. I got my progress report on Friday, here are my grades.

Science- 73.5
Hon. English- 94.3
Mathematics- 100.0
General Gym- 100.0
Painting- 90.8
U.S History- 93.5
Hon. SpanishSS III- 80.1
Connections- 88.9

It's pretty good so far, I'm really proud of myself and figured that I can do well if I do put my effort to it, but it hasn't been so well, I've been falling asleep in class because I go to bed late for doing homework. It's really hard.
Still writing out my first chapter for Vulnerable so if I get that done, then I'll have some worth posting about.

The one thing that's hitten me so hard, getting into The Outsiders once again, seriously. I've made icons, saw the movie, read the book- it's so crazy at how I can let myself fall for it. Alright, that's it from me. Hope everyone's doing well.
Thanks for the 6700 hits!

Tiffany- How about opening an icon journal over at LJ? We both can run it

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