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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ahh Sodapop~[Katsucon Fat-con report is in my archive's!]
Thought I'd update, but with nothing really interesting to say. Lately life for me has been dull and just blah. The usual, you know? And so, I bring you a video of The Outsiders, this is another personal favorite movie and book, and this video is hilarious and very WTF-ish. But still awesome nonetheless.

(my favorite parts is- when Ponyboy and Two-Bit are on the bus and the "The wheel's on the bus go around and around" and the "Kung fu fighting" during the rumble, *snickers*)
Just an update- life is good, school and all of that. Kinda miss you all on MSN and stuff.
And of course, once again icon time! Feel free to take :3

Oh man, the Oscar's were AWESOME. I'm actually sad Little Miss Sunshine didn't win best picture, but The Departed was also good. I'm just happy that Pan's Labyrinth and Letter's From Iwo Jima atleast won an Oscar.
That's it from me, hope everyone's doing fine. I haven't been able to comment around your sites, myO seems to be giving me some problems opening the comment box, and it only opens after a bajilion clicks on the link. But I have been reading your updates when you post.

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