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Sunday, February 25, 2007

ILY Fuuma~Hello guys!
It's been a while since I posted, and here's a Katsucon report, I said I'd share with you guys. It's kinda short, but this con was definitely made of awesome.

Friday: I live about half an hour away from the hotel where the con was being held, and since I wasn't cosplaying, I took the subway with ease. Got to the hotel around 10AM and called up two con friends, Caesy and Ally. They came to the lobby and gave me company while I waited in the registration line. I got there at a pretty good time cause the line moved really fast and I had my badge in no time. From then on, we visited the Artist Alley, Dealers Room annd some other places, haha. Then met with their hotelroommates Eric and Sang, whom are also made of awesome. We buzzed around the convention until we all were dead hungry, and we ordered Sang to call for Chinese food. Then we went up to their hotel room to be COMPLETE dorks, seeing Eric pick on Ally, taking off her cosplay make up is glorious. And then outside we heard some random guy go "WHAAAT?!? OKKKAAAYY!!" and we all stayed slient for a good minute..before bursting out in golden laughter. Then we dared Sang to go outside in the hall and scream "WHUT" and he did it, so he got major points for that. Afterwards we headed back down to the lobby for the BLEACH photoshoot, I wasn't in cosplay =_= but Caesy was Soi Fon and Ally as Yoruichi. May I add that Caesy is the most accurate and BEST Soi Fon, like EVAR? It scares me, like she jumped out of the anime/manga. So we were there til around 6PM. Then went once again to the dealers room and I got myself the BLEACH artbook All Colors But The Black and it's love, its gold, my babe. The night came around, we we were hungry, THIS IS FAT-CON, folks, we headed out to Chipotle and stuffed our burritos in our faces. HAhaha. Then roamed around and then left for home around 11PM.

Saturday: It was awesome, finally cosplayed and went as Debit from D.Gray-Man, not much people recognized me though, but I got glomped from behind when lurking around in the dealer's room. Eric cosplayed Arashi, Caesy as Miwako and Ally as Yukari from Paradise Kiss, we went outside n the friggggin cold and had a private photoshoot, Sang's a con photographer so his pictures came out awesome looking~ The field outside was frozen and that's where we were and if we made one bad move, we fell on our faces. Sang took that risk, he kept sliding, and this is what I filmed. And so he actually fell, and his ribs still hurt today, poor him. BUT IT WAS AWESOME. Eric almost fell, I almost fell, Ally ALMOST fell, it was a glorious Saturday. Then afterwards, headed back inside because it was too cold and our fingers were numb, but before that Sang took some picture of my Debit, which are up in my portfolio, so please check that out hahah. After it was around 3PM, and we were hungry, walking around the con takes out your energy, so we ordered pizza, THIS SHOULDN'T BE KATSUCON ..IT SHOULD BE FAT-CON. After that, I seriously don't remember much, OH YEAH~! The masquerade, we waited in the unofficial line-waiting-for-a-line for about an hour. Once the line was official, we waited for half an hour and since we got there early, we were pretty close when we got seated, except we got separated. I sat with Caesy on the left side, while Eric and Ally were in the center. They got better view, lucky em. This masquerade was DEFINITELY awesome, there was a Pokemon skit that was SO CLEVER and made of win. My favorite has to be the Castlevania skit, because it was aweeesssome and I love that game. Our host was Jack Sporrow, and it was awesome, he was hott. Oh and he danced, shaked what he had, it was HOTT. Hahha, all the fangirls went crazy, I am included. The masq. ended about 8PM and after that we roamed once more into the artist Alley and I got a photo with a Kanda Yu and Rabi!! Whee, I was happy, haha. I didn't comission anything though, and didn't buy any art but I did want to, because they had some AMAZING art in there. Around 10PM I left for home, happy.

Sunday: WAS ALSO MADE OF WIN. Was in the Eureka 7 group photoshoot, with a BIG group, we had a Talho, Gidget, Moondoggie, Stoner, Sakuya, Anemone, Dominic and I went as Woz, and.. I HAD A JOBS. OMG I WAS SO HAPPY. MY PARTNER IN CRIME COMPUTERNERDNESS. The private photoshoot with Lionel didn't form until 1PM and so I got one last round in the dealers room, I bought:
-A small Death Note poster
-Figures for peeps
-X DVD vol 3.
-Range Murata poster [because I love his art too much]
-Kamui pin, Ouran Pin
and that's pretty much it..
THEN PHOTOSHOOT GOODNESS. IT was amazing with those people, who also knew about Eureka 7, it's definitely one of my favorite animes. We all were so colorfull, just like Clarie[Anemone] said "WERE ALL SO COLORFUL, ITS LIKE RAINBOW THREW UP COLORS". She's made of win too.

The con ended around 3PM, and so I bid my farewells to con friends and left for home. It was a GREAT con, had LOADS of fun, I miss them terribly now. Some photos from the Eureka 7 private photoshoot are in my portfolio too, please comment, its appriciated!

Alright, now my life, it's supposed to snow, yikes, one more day and our summer is short. Umm, trying to make this short, need to go to bed. OSCAR'S TONIGHT, I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS. Oh and saw Hannibal Rising poor movie, but Hannibal WAS OH SO HOTT. Haha. Alrighty, I'm off to bed, have a good on yall!

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