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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Komui~So I'm back from Katsucon, well been back since Sunday, it was it just down right awesome. Saw the friends I met at Otakon& Anime USA and met more that I've talked to over at C.com. It was more like PIZZABOXSLED-CON. Cause we went outside behind the hotel, and since everything was still frozen because of the snow, my friends went pizzabox sledding Saturday, even though I wasnt there, I knew it was loads of fun, cause people busted their parts, hahhaa.

Anyway, report and pictures coming soon. And holy shacks, we had a Eureka 7 private photoshoot with a GREEEAT photographer, and I'm anxious to see the pictures. Post two pics of Debit[D.Gray-Man] from Katsu, so check out my portfolio for that. Its back to schoo, blahh. And that's pretty much it, folks. Oh and the video? YouTube has it up now, so watch it! I'm filming it, so you dont see me.
But look at him slide, and he did fall but he's awesome haha

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