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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nana~Its Valentines, whoopiedo. School got cancelled today because of the snow, its 6AM AND I WOKE UP FOR THAT AND I AM WIDE AWAKE TO SLEEP, YARR IEJTIOEWHTOIH.
Anyway, I got a dentist appointment today too, Which really sucks alot but hopefully we wont see drills and other scary things.

Upon seeing Alexa's and Jame's post, thought I'd throw in something aswell..
myO has most definitely change who I am, and my view to everyone in the world. I wasn't judgemental, but I didn't trust anyone, like a person who disagreed with SG's intro paragraph. I was quite negative, and missed having real friends. I've met numerous people, who's come to theO and left, but I'm glad most of them are still here. They are all just amazing, helpng me out. I'm not giving out names, cause I know I'll forget someone. But to everyone on my friends list, you, yes you, I love you dearly.
myO might get boring, but I can't see myself leave yet, no sir.

So for those who would like to get rid of me, SUCKS FOR YOU. Heehee~

Anyway, Katsucon is this weekend, HOMGZ. I got today off and I got alot of things to finish, like Woz[eureka 7] and Souma[TRC], Oh cosplay, you are such fun, yet you make me really work..
Sorry I haven't updated/visited much of you, really am. Here have a rose.

Have a Happy SAD or Valentines Day. Like SG said, kiss em if you got to.

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