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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Thats how my face looks like, swear to god~FIRST..I must get in contact with Tiffany, after the new Bleach chapter is out, BECAUSE DEAR GODS, KUBO TITE..I EFFIN LOVE YOU, YOU GENIUS, YOU LOVABLE SMARTY MAN

He seriously is the master of surprises, seriously. I feel like typing it and putting it under HUGE HUGE spoilers, TIFANY I NEED TO TALK TO YOU DAMNIT!!

Speaking of Bleach, wheres my Bleach buddy, Hinaru, COME ONLINE DAMNIT. I miss you and I'm starting to worry, I really am..

Ahem, We had a snow day today, so no school and so I will continue on cosplay progress, sewing and cleaning up room, for it is dirty again. Hmm..lately I feel that I have nothing worth to post about and so it's keeping me from posting. I really need to get visiting people, I haven't done it alot lately, and so I barely get visited, and I completely understand.

I started working on the first chapter for Vulnerable. Would anyone be interested in reading it over at FanFic, to make my posts less bigger from the amount of words.

Thanks for the 6600 hits everyone, very much appriciated.

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