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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Allen is giddy~SUP GUYZ.

I bring you a normal, no icon post, yay! Don't have to bother with my icon whore-ness. Anyway, feels for Alex were revealed today after school, OMG NO WAI! Yes, and feelings are returned! But he ain't single, heh, don't know if someone would consider that unfaithful, so I'm pretty good with that. Haha, I'm probably sounding like a little 5 year old. Well, it'll definitely be awkward when we see each other in the hallways.

Anywho, as you can see, new themeage and yet same layout, I was lazy, mind you? :P
This features my favorite peeps from the espada from BLEACH, since I edited it XD Oh and hope you like the music, since it is what I was listening when I changed the theme, Depeche Mode is love and it would be even more love if I saw them play here in D.C. Hmmm, what else, Oh yes!

The Dir En Grey concert was BEYOND AMAZING! Have to admit it was better than the MUCC concert back when Otakon was being held, cause this time we got ourselves a decent place to watch it from. So kudos to that. Jesus christ, it's been freezing cold lately!! It was about 10 degrees yesterday! Crazy, and I had to walk home from school, ugh horrible. Get your bum here already, Spring!

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