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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Cause Grimmy, can be emo too~Ummm..starting to feel dingy whenever Alex is around me, anyone remember him? Well yeah, he's extremely loyal, hell I donno.. I dont have the balls to ask him whats going on and all that fluff. This complicates me, and I dont like it XD Wahh, he's a cutie too.

Saw the recent D.Gray-Man and BLEACH espiode, pretty good stuff. I'm re-reading Paradise Kiss, because I can and want to XP
Nothing much has happened this week, Saw Smokin' Aces on Thursday, good film in my opinion, and I got mad love for the Tremors. Now I'll leave you with some new icons:


Decided Rev is going to be my original characters name :)
Will post chapter on FanFic.net whenever I can get to it and show those whom are interested.

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