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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 10/30/04:

Guardian of the Waters - mistress of the deep and
master of the oceans and currents.

What are you Guardian of?
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Result Posted on 10/30/04:


What Jewel are you?
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Result Posted on 10/30/04:

Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
Favorite Food:
Wants to Bang you:
This many times:114
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Result Posted on 10/30/04:

You Know It's All About You (Over 100 Questions)

Created by niney123 and taken 4636 times on bzoink!

.:General Info:.
Gender:female /huh? what?
Height:5' 3"
Birthday:a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away
Hair Color:only my mommy knows for sure. . .
Describe yourself in one word:polutocrate
Describe your personality in one word:zowie!
.:School Life:.
What grade are you in:the A grade (or was it the A Team. . .)
What school do you go to:the school of Life
And where is that:a different plane, the one that crashed!
Do you get good grades:hmmm, is F good?
Favorite Subject:Obi-wan Kenobi ? Dudes with 'tudes?
.:Love Life:.
Sexual Preference:*rubs hands together evilly*
Do you have a bf/gf:HA
If so,what is their name:Doogie Howser
How long have you been dating:since 436 b.c.
Do you consider yourself in love with them:a rose by any other name, dude. . .
If so,why:because it pleases me to spank him!
Have you had your first kiss:*sigh* how long ago was that?!
If so,when:*sigh* how LONG ago WAS that?!
Do you have a crush:mm-hmm
If so,what is their name:Obi-wan Kenobi
Why do you like them:his lightsaber, baby! Why else?!
Do they know you:uh, he's not even REAL, DUH!
Do they know that you like them:uh, stupid are you?
How long have you known them:reality check people. . .
Best Friend(s):only aquaintances anymore. . .
How long have you been friends:?????
Do you consider yourself a good friend:I used to be. . .
How many friends do you think you have:????????
Most popular:me. . .
Most conceited:me. . .
Friendliest:me. . .
Meanest:me. . .
Craziest:hmm, uh, yeah, ME. . .
Oldest:yep, me again. . .
Most recent:???????????
Smartest:Definitely me. . .
Food:Japanese hibachi
Person:why do you care?!
Show:gruesome grissom (CSI)
Letter:how stupid is this?
Song:Nature Boy
Band/Singer:Sting / U2
Place in the world:the UK
Dream Vacation:the World Tour for 3 years!
Dream House:an English cottage
Dream Room:a music room / library / theater
Location:an English cottage in the UK-duh!
.:Last Time You:.what?
Watched T.V.:this evening
Went to the bathroom:puh-leese!
Ate:this afternoon
Slept:this morning
Listened to music:this evening
Used the phone:ditto
IMed someone/Got an IM:??????
Went to school:HA
Played a game:dahling, let us play games. . .
Took a shower:3 months ago. . .I think?
Hugged someone:today, YAY!
Went on a date:*wails uncontrolably*
Wrote a letter:????????
Cried:just now with the date thing, a--hole!
.:Last Person You:.
Laughed at:me
Cried over:me, you weeny!
IMed/Got an IM from:pplllllllttt!
Hurt:- - - - - -
Talked to:Everth
Spoke to on the phone:a person?
Ate with:a fox in a box. . . gee, I hope that was a fox
Spent time with:Everth
Missed:I missed someone?! Who?
Heard:the voices, they won't leave me ALONE!
Played with:whoa buddy!
.:Have You Ever:.
Been out of the country:uh-uh
Been out of state/province:yup
Done drugs:yup
Done anything illegal:yup
Slapped someone:yup
Cut yourself:yeah, I'm a real cut up!
Played an instrument:tried to. . .
Hurt someone for no reason:no
Hurt someone:unfortunately
Killed an insect/bug:DIE, DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!
Gotten stung by a bee:nope
Lied to your parents:yup
Stole Something:yup
Kissed Someone:does the mirror count?
.:This Or That:.
Rock or Rap:Rock On dude!
Singing or Songwriting:singin
Tennis Shoes or Sandals:who cares?
Phone or Computer:puter dude!
Biking or Skating:neither!
Analog or Digital:huh?
Coke or Pepsi:The REAL Thing!
Sprite or Sierra Mist:sprite
MTV or VH1:???????
R&B or Country:????????
Cingular or T-Mobile:???????
Cats or Dogs:doggies
AIM or Yahoo:Yahoo!
Bzoink or Quizilla:???????? both
.:Word Association:.
Good Charlotte:good day, what?
President Bush:burning bush
Rock:and ROLL
Chef:treble clef
Girls:# 1!
Fan:ee doolee
Evil:not goin there
.:Right Now:
Drinking:*gasp* nothing
Watching:the monitor, as I'm typing. . .wow
What is on your mousepad:a mouse?
What are you doing:taking a quiz with questions that are. . . .
What song are you listening to:no song, just the voices, I told you. . .
What's in your CD player:Enya
Time:during the year 2004, I think
Day of the Month:not That time of the month, if you get me!
Year:*see " Time" *
Day of the week:Friday
What website are you on:myO
.:Random Things:.
What color is your mousepad:I'll never tell!
What color is your keyboard:grey
What is the phrase you use the most online:uh, dude
Did you like this survey:sometimes. . .
Are you sad that it's over:aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
What are you gonna do after this survey is over:weep for the passing of time (or gas)
Do you like pop-up ads:does anyone?
How long have you been online:45 min

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Result Posted on 10/30/04:

You are LAZY ANGEL! hey well all i can say is...
good night and have fun you couch potato! all
you do is... well nothing! ya know for an angel
you sure are... lazy!

What type of angel are you?
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Result Posted on 10/24/04:

You represent... loneliness.
You represent... loneliness. Always alone and always sad about it... unlike
angst, you don't have to look for a reason to
be miserable. You want to be in the company of
people but aren't sure how to act when you're
with them. Sometimes you have to make an
effort. You can't always wait for others to
come to you.

What feeling do you represent?
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Result Posted on 10/24/04:

bed. You use it every day, have you ever stopped
to think about how weird it is??? You like to
sleep a

What of the common words that are weird are you` (read the memo)
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Result Posted on 10/24/04:

You're depressed. Really you are. And you
definitely have a reason. You often space out
and stare at things blankly, even if you're
normally hyper and energetic. This is because
nothing really seems important anymore. You
might just be sad right now, or you might be
manic depressive. Don't worry. Have some cocoa
and stuff'll be ok.

How Depressed are You?
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Result Posted on 10/24/04:

Who is your Yuugiou bishie? by Emi-Chan
Fav Colour:
Your Bishie:Yami Bakura
You met on:June 17, 2052
How you met:You poked his eye with your umbrella on the street.
His first words to you were:"You smell pretty."
Your life together:You both ran away to a different country and were never seen again.
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Result Posted on 10/24/04:


What Kanji word best suits you?
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