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Saturday, December 15, 2007

An Update For The Sake of It
So I just got done looking through my entire archive. Thats right, my past here on MyOtaku. I must say, I used to write a lot of checks that I couldn't cash. I used to always start projects, disappear for a month, and never finish them. And my typing was atrocious. I STILL start sentences with and. What's the world coming to? Argh.

Lol. But seriously. I have no artwork, cosplay photos, anything to demonstrate my talents on here. Funny, considering I've been kicking around some 5 years on and off this site.

So here's the deal. I need to get my photo up, as a lot of my online friends have no idea they are talking to a skinny ( but nicely muscled, thank you) black guy from Chicago. I also promise to get up some character art from my latest comic book endeavor, a project I like to call Angels Of Anarchy. I can probably also post the storyline on here, in a pseudo fanfic form.

Don't hold me to this. I have a bad track record on MyO. But I'd also like to for once contribute something that's finished. The best bit of creativity I ever put on here was three chapters of a fanfic and lots of empty promises.

So thats a procrastinators promise to you. And I'll do it.
Sort of.

Random Songs of the Day
Quietus- Epica
Over the Hills and Far Away- (cover) Nightwish

My Lucrecia, how I long for the dulcet sounds of your voice...one...last...time.

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