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Friday, December 14, 2007

For those who don't know...

Just a post to let everyone know I'm back.
And now a word from our sponsors.

"...err hrmm *clears throat*
Testicles. That is all."
-Peter Griffin, Family Guy

By the way, read the sign...you"ve been on this page for more than 30 seconds. Scoot. Lol

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The time has come...

To whom it may concern, the time has come to settle accounts. If I bear a grudge against you, my wrath shall be carried out...soon. So prepare, the reckoning is now...mwuahahahaha....

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

For better or for worse....

For any who didn't know it, I have had quite an absence while looking for a college to settle into. Well, unfortunately, my parents didnt feel like waiting for me to decide. They had my brother take me up to Devry and sign up. Well some how, some fucking way, something that had been taking me months , he finished in a day. I didn't wake up this morning and expect to be attending college but, her I am, in Devry, doing a Intro to Computoers 100 class.(jokes on them...) Anywho, Ill be moving out in a month, so once i do, and i finsih off this emester, Ill drop outta this place. Hope it doesn't affect my financial aid.

In any case, I treid to post some pictures on here. A lot of my original stuff, plus(drumroll) Some pics for the upcoming manga/fanfic Endgame...but the pics were too big...hmmm...any way to get around that anybody?
Maybe I do need this class...

Anywho, feel free to put me in your avenues once again. This is gonna be a long semester...*sigh*

...anybody here listen to NIghtwish or Within Temptation?

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Also Sprach Zarathustra?

As a gamer, Im one of the few people waiting fo summer to end? Why? Because summer is the Gaming Draught. Nothing good seems to come out, if anything at all. But around August, things pick up again. I have an Xbox 360, and waiting for a PS3, and nevr has there been a greater time for gaming then the beginning of a new generation. So I'll patiently play Dead or Alive 4 as I wait...
I can draw to keep busy when I get bored...

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Final Fantasy VII PC version

Does anybody know where to find a download for it online? For free preferbly, I don't mind if it isn't exactly...er-hum ...legal. Ive been searching for the past 8 hours. All I can find are torrents, which I wont know if they work or not until they finish downloading...

Can anybody help me escape this hell!!!

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Thursday, June 29, 2006


No. Im not talkin about Samurai Champloo. Im talkin about the fighting game engine by elecbyte. The sublimely easy to use once y aget a hang of it engine. I recently discovered it, thanks to my curiosity and Youtube videos. I've spent the last few hours learning the basics, but im pretty comfortable with it now. You can add any charcters you can think of, mostly 2d characters, but some really good people can cheat. Like i got a couple of Tekken sprites. Any who, im beginning a project i call World's greatest, a game with every fighter I can think of...that i like...no DBZ or Mortal Kombat...blech. But It will have a current or past avatar of all my friends on MyO. So me and D.Seph can finally find out which of us would win in a fight...:)

Also, i beagn the day, and will now retire and spend the remainder of the day working on the storyboard of the Endgame manga.

Well, Musashi signing off.

"-Okay, your heinous-"
Musashi, Samurai Legend Musashi(Ps2)

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Monday, June 5, 2006

Just some info....

For all who care, just an update.The reason ive been in hiatus is because of finals and graduation. My h.s graduation is this Saturday, but other than that, Im officially out of High School. Now on to college. I plan on going for character artist, for Video Games, so wish me luck in that endeavor.

In any case, I now have more time to update and such, at least until my next job starts, hopefully soon. I still plan on doing that fanfic/manga with Tifa, but i still gotta finish the art, scan them, and send them to Tifa. haven't emailed her in a while, and I hope she doesn't think I disappeared again.

Im also moving out of meh house soon. Yep, me all alone in the windy city, in an apartment. Lifes gonna be sweet...not really. Actually its gonna get harder, but hey, Im on my own. Anybody in chicago wanna drop me a line, go right ahead.

well thats it. Im gonna be going now...seeya all...

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Nightwish New lead singer...

This is f**ing tragic. One of my coveted femme metal bands has lost its lead singer. And Im probably finding out late. But Nightwish is looking for a new lead vocalist. Never had this happen to me before. A lot of the bands I listen to, I do so becuase they have female lead singers, and gothic kinda sounds. Within Temptation, On thorns I Lay,Lacuna Coil, and of course Evanescence(My favorite). Never had one lose there lead singer. Shoul I even listen to them anymore? If the next singer is a girl, Ill give them a chance...but if not, then Nightwish is officially dumped from my playlist(The new songs that is, there are stilll hundreds of old ones to listen to. Very illustrious history that band...)

In any case, allthe info is here. I would make a link, but Im to lazy...


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Friday, May 12, 2006


A recent aquaintance of mine, RobinWitch@005, has a really kewl background....with what appeared to be a hot girl on it...but as it seems to be turning out...Its a guy*gulp* Go vivist it and tell me Im not the only one who could make that mistake...I mean, he's like a friggin vampire...only undead can men look that way...Its just...*stares in awe* Im really confused now. Don't guys like that only exist in manga? How can an average joe like me compete with something like taht...better never let my girlfriend see that...*burns site to the ground lol*

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm still shivering with anticipation from that trailer....I'm up to a couple of vuckets of drool. When the FF compilation gets rolliing, it will be a great time for FF fans. Almost as good as when FF VII first came out.CRisis Core, Dirge of Cerebrus...hell, the rumor has it that FF VII is being re-released for PS3...with a battle system similar to FF XII.

And speaking of Ps3, it's been on the newsa couple nights in a row.500$ for the one with less memory, and 600$ for the bigger one. I can't explain enuff how much I want this system. The good thing is Ill be working at Toys R Us come september, unloading the trucks:) So I can stash one away for myself:) Lucky me:)

And still on the FF subject. I should have some concept pics of the characters to be used in the Endgame fanfic/manga up soon.I'll scan 'em up, so you all can see them.
(I still have to e-mail Tifa about them. i promised them to her a week ago...yipes...)
*Cloud: No mistress, don't crack the whip again...have mercy!!!*

Actually, Tifa is ver easy going and lenient with the schedule. You'd have to be to work with me...;)

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