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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   Black History
So today we went to a play on Martin Luther King Jr. It wasnt as good as the play in fourth grade on Harriet Tubman, I hardly remember that but i remember it being good. After we got back Amissionary came and tol;d us about his experience in Africa that was cool. Then we watched a vidoe on segregation I almost cried oh my gosh that was so sad ugh I still cant get over that now I feel horrible because im white. Oh well over all today was ok until SOMEBODY called me predujiced because I dont think people who are Wicka have their heart in the right place [if you dont know what that is i cant explain look it up somewher that isnt bias, that is pure fact]yeah im over it but lately she hasnt been a good friend :( oh well my head hurts. HEY PEOPLE IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT FREERICE.COM IS IT IS AN ORGANIZATION THAT YOU AWNSWER VOCAB QUESTIONS AND FOR EVERY QUESTION IT DONATES 2O GRAINS to hungry people i have already donated 10340 gerains that like 100 bowls!
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