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Monday, February 25, 2008

   Excitement and Anguish
Bailor twisted her ankle because the tripped and now me and haa-san have to carry her stuff every where! -___- I should be consideate and feel sorry for her but i just quietly fume while she tells me to get her things GRR. im not mad at her but the is the most annoying girl in the world (i still love ya but...) Well done with the anguish part so now...
So Sunday night before church I created three characters!!! not one not two but three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you dont know what im talking about then TOO BAD! JUST KIDDING! yea characters for writing about and role playing with.One is called Xyvil! He is most detailed he is actually a mass murderer and an alien NOT THE GREEN GUY he looks human but has freaky eyes and pale white skin then theres Keeven (pronounced keyven) and he is insane litterally in a straight jacket and then there is Brae (pronounced Bray)she is an elf with a tragic past. And the cool part is *gasp* it maybe is slightly possible i can put it on here for you! but i dont know how to work the computer soo...

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