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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   All the sudden
Has any one seen the movie big fish? i love it! yah my dad is waching it and i am exited. Ant way I always have loved coke, water, sweet tea, qand cherry kool-aid, but now I recently am in love with cheer wine. I make it offical i hate disney channel thay make me soooooooooooo MAD on their shows they always are making fun of goths! It makes me so mad how steryo typical of them! im not goth but i know very nice people who are DIE DISNEY CHANNEL DIE!

(HAHA this is for you aya!)

1)Favorite movie?
(I have to many)
{aya i kno u love the matrix}

2)favorite drink?
(You should know from my post)
{Aya, dr. pepper am i right?}

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