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Monday, December 24, 2007

   so tired
its 1:22am i went 2 church this morning had a nap then went 2 my aunts for christmas with my dads side of the family im going night night.
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Saturday, December 22, 2007

   I havent had much to say.
but I just cant seem to shake this glum feeling. Its not even that my grandmother's death got me all sad but every thing around me is so depressing. All I wanna do is see my friends (and beat that stupid part on kingdom hearts) Well it seems the only time i really feel bad is @ night because I actually had a great day. My cosin spend the night and we played ddr(dane dane revolution) and jinga and kingdom hearts we stayed up till like 1 and today we did gingerbread cookies. He is such a sweet boy he is 9 but he fits in just fine with me and my sisters. Then his sis came over and more ddr & cookies and trampoline she is really nice she is 13 or 14. our family has a tradition, every year when we make gingerbread we always make at least a batch of disfunctional gingermen. ok today there were like three sets of siamese twins one elvis one with dreadlocks one with an afro a hindu god (the one with like 6 arms)an alien, and this list ould go on FOREVER. But it was a great day until now.I guess im just bored.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

   The funeral was today.
Yes. I feel bad but, i didnt cry i knew she wouldent want me to. I honestly couldent be sad she is happy so so am i i love my grandmother!
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

((if you dont need to hear about my stress or dont wanna read a lot you dont need to read this blog))
I thought once my grandmother died a weight would
be lifted, in a good way, but its just getting worse. All my relitives are sad and constantly crying , i dont cry because i know she is better now. but all their dragging moods are so TERRIBLE. but i cant blame them. Ithink my social studies teacher hates me. I emailed her afterr she died to tell her i wasnt going to b @ school and told her why and said if there is any work you can send me i would rather do it today than tomorrow. she didnt say sorry she just said oh i will notify the other teachers. And my friend called me that afternoon because i had the groups project that was due that day and she told me the s.s teacher was gonna take away points because i didnt have it that day. The teacher used to really like me, she was sooooo sweet but since then she has been really cranky. i dunno mabe it brought ack bad memories. my math teacher loaded me up on hw. and he said unless every kid gave him a *bucks card 4 christmas we were having h.w. over the break. and he was serious. I must thank all my friends for being soooo great. yall know how to cheer me up when family cant.I hate to sound disrespectful but the best thing about a death (besides heaven) is the family gets TONS of FOOD! I feel terrible for my cousins they are losing her and their other grandma who has been taken off of her feeding tube so they are just doing terrible. My mom is like traumatized. all our family is doing awful and dad is working out of town and my grandmother was her best friend.(when i say grandmother i mean great grandmother)

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Monday, December 17, 2007

My great grandmother died last night. Yeah I will miss her I cried some but I honestly can't be sad because I know she is very happy in heaven :)
I belive she is there and she is buch better now. She was suffering with emphysema and shingles so yeah bitter sweet. My FAMILY IS All teary and sad but im okay

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

   I have tons of home work and my head hurts.
yep that says it all.
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I went iceskating! Only fell twice one because my friendtripped me up on accident two i went to fast and slipped. it was hari's b-day HAPPY B-DAY HARI!!!!1
hANA IS IN THE HOSPITAL, SHE HAS BEEN HAVING MASIVE HEADACHESAND WAS OUT LIKE ALL WEEK.I feel really bad me and my friends have noticed she chooses favorites and swiches amoung us. We go in a quarrel a few years ago :( and since our friendsip has never been the same i really wanna b closer 2 her.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

   Merry Christmas!
Despite the 75 degree weather in south carolina its still christmas time! yay! im glad i got wallpaper for it! YAY

Its really weird , we have an angel on top of our tree but this year my mom and sister want a star . You will never guess why! Its because my mom is like sexest agains female angels! my dad and my sisters and i think its hilarious! She says that since ther are no female angels in the bible and gabriel is a male and you cant find a boy angel anywhere that we need a star. I find it rather funny.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

   Thank you!
thanx 2 every1 who signed my gb!!
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Friday, December 7, 2007

   Im Tired
Last night my neigbor came to the door and told us that a house through our woods was on fire. We dont know who lived there but when she told us we saw a burning house on the other side of our woods. and we are currently in a drought so if there was wind it could have eventually got to our house. We dont live in a neigborhood we have 12 acres of land but you can see houses through our woods. I may be a scary cat but im not afraid to admit it i almost cried and i was shaking i was so nervous and i was clinging to my mom. When my neigbor came to the door she was holding a puppy pomeranian! She and her husband apparently got divorced and he took two pomeranians and she got the two big dogs.So she got a new one. So i stayed up till around 12:00.
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