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Monday, May 2, 2005

I've been contemplating...(I like that word..) anywho.. I've been thinking whether or not I should show you all what my true face looks like..well my 15 year old face since that is the most recent pic I have... lol I don't like taking pictures. u_u well yeah here's a poll:

it's all up to you guys.. so anyways, it's May!! wow April just slipped thru my fingers!! Omigod!!! how could I forget?! My results for the SAT's came back!!!! since I took the new version it was out of 2400 instead of the original 1600 and guess what I got?!! 2100 baby!!! wahoooo!! *squeals like a fangirl* ok now it has gone too far u_u; well I'm excited about that..Now I just have to wait until my brother and sister graduate and leave the house so I won't have to me "mom" to them any longer.. just 2 more years n_n hehe well I will be off now. Talk to you all later!!

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