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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

   more about me~
[the alphabet survey]
Act your age:mentally or physically?
Born on what day of the week:Huh???
Chore you hate:Ummm..well there is one...using Comet or other cleaners, I'm highly sensative to em
Dad's name:Can't say, but I can tell you that he was born on July 4th (true fact)
Essentail make-up item:MAKE-UP??!!! You're kiddin right??
Favorite actors/actresses:Nope, nata
Gold or sliver:Silver with dark blue..sooo mysterious..
Instruments you play:flute..I wish
Job title:High shcool student
Kids:Hey, I'm only 15, I don't won't any anyway
Living arrangements:animals, and..that's it
Mom's name:Sorry, no tell
Number of socks you own:Don't go there
Overnight hospital stays:7
Phobia:Thunder, vaccums, ect
Quote you like:
Religious affiliation:HUH??
Time you woke up today:3:32 A.M.
Unusual habits:Neat freak
Vicious thing you've done:scratched a boy's eyes (almost out) when in first grade) "what!!" "The little brat took my shoe!!"
Worst habit:Jump at sudden sounds
X-rays you've had:4
Your favorite season:Winter
Zodiac sign:HUH??
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