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Monday, December 5, 2005

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You guys are in for a long post so if you have to go to the bathroom or have any objections speak and go now or forever hold your pee. HEHEHE just kidding

So much work I put into decorating my post with pictures for you fabulous people. Phew alrighty then let's get down to business. Today I went to an oral surgeon because for my consiltation and he told me straight up that I'm going to need the surgey since my bottom job was growing faster than my upper jaw so I had to be dismissed from school early. But the real reason why I'm so happy is that it's snowing YAY!!! School might be cancelled for tomorrow since it's gonna keep going until tomorrow night MUWHAHAHA!! and I also got 600 hits on my little site so WHOO!! Not alot but hey I'm happy Goku are you happy?

Goku: I'm Happy::has a live chicken in his mouth::

HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO EAT THE CHICKEN!!::smacks the chicken out of his mouth and hands a chicken sandwhich::

Goku::gobbles down the sandwhich while chicken looks on in horror::


May his soul rest in peace or in Goku's stomach. (If you're vegetarian and I offened you I'm really sorry!!) Anywayz aside from today I must put in the things I did from Thursday up til Sunday. Well On Thursday it was my brother's birthday so...

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This is what my brother looks like. This was taken when he went to the prom with his friend. Oh by the way the guy in the black and red suit is my brother not the girl in the dress. Because that'd be just weird HAHA just kidding. The girl in the photo is his friend Nancy. He the guy who always makes fun of me for liking Anime.

So anywayz I went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping for a few more friends I still got some more to shop for but I got three dogtags they're really popular right now where I live but anywayz I got one with Daddy Yankee a Reggaeton singer for my friend Wendy who absoluetly LOVES him, I got another one custom made with my friend Rosa's picture on it and her name on it. For my brother I got him a dogtag with the Dallas Cowboy's logo with his name on it and when I gave to him he told he loved it and he'll always wears it with every game and it's true HAHA. Well that's what I did on Thursday. On Friday I don't think I did anything special so skip that. On Saturday, MY BROTHER GOT A CAR!! My family went a 4-hour drive all the way to New Jersey just to pick up my brother's car up from there and my mom told me it was scary for her to drive back cause she lost my dad on the road when he was driving the car. I didn't have to go so I was alone til 4 in the afternoon and they left at around 5 A.M. But anywayz I got my nails done now they're purple-tipped with white lines looks way better than last time I had them just green-tipped BORING!! Then I went to the mall and got myself a dogtag with the SAIYUKI BOYS!! It was a bitch to make since they can only do photograph so we had to look it up and it took a long time to make but hey who care I got a nice dogtag with the Saiyuki boys on it so WHOOHOO!!!

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Here's the picture I used and is now on my dogtag around my neck. NOW YOU CAN TAKE THEM ANYWHERE!!

Then I got me a gingerbread holiday drink from Starbuck...It was alright but I wouldn't drink it again. I missed Naruto somebody please tell what happened on that episode. Oh yeah it snowed on Saturday but it didn't stick so BOO!! But anwyayz Sunday I didn't do anything except fold laundry, watched Aladdin and the special features, and did homework. So that's what I did those days gomenasai for not updating I feel so ashamed. I want to ask you something which place do you think would be best to have some funny weird sort of stuff happen in a hospital or a dental office I gots some weird shit going through my head for a story with the Saiyuki boys. Anywayz I leave you to think about that so that's all I had to post so til next time. SAYONARA!!!


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