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Sunday, November 13, 2005

   Today's Post From BlueStorm: WHOO I'M HAPPY!!
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Well first of you'll noticed I've changed my theme since I'm now in love with Gantz (my new anime) after two epsiode (yes I'm easily pleased in animes)I've change it to Gantz so there. Okay, today I helped my dad do the yardwork after my brother being the idiot he is (I'm saying this in a nice way people)started to joke with my dad while he's being totally serious got himself kicked out the house so I was left to help him and I had to get yelled at by him and got me irritated but I didn't talk back I was already on his bad side. I then got sick so I threw up in the leaf pile (sorry didn't need to say that) but anywayz it's all done. Well I forgot to update yesterday so here's what happened, I went to Best Buy and got two anime dvds. First I got Sukisho which is so funny and it's also adorable well when the preveiws show that is. Second I got the first volume of Gantz and that show is so AWESOME!! It was too graphic to even air in Japan. It's so much it has violence, swearing, nudity, etc etc etc despite the first volume only having two episode. Advised not to show to audience under the age of 13 Rated MA. But that didn't stop me HA HA. Well then I think I'll go take a shower, watch some Gantz and Sukisho, then write some more after doing some homework. So that's all for today's post till next time. SAYONARA!!

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