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Thursday, September 22, 2005

   TODAY's POST FROM BLUESTORMSWORD: Hello To All MyO Otakus Out There!!!
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GRRRR!!!!!::holding up a fist with anime vein while one appears on her forehead:: If you don't know who Hakkai is then look at the freaking picture that has Hakkai-sama in all capital red letter above it in my last post THEN YOU'LL PROBABLY KNOW!!::sigh then regains tranquility:: WHOO CHECK OUT MY NEW SIGGY AND AVI LADY EXCEL MADE IT FOR ME THANKS LADY EXCEL!!! Anywayz I just got home frome school since I couldn't stay after for Chior due to my throat but anyway today was fun since it was an A-Day. I woke up this morning feeling even worse my stomach was hurting and my throat still felt gross and I feel like I'v gone deaf!! I went to school and I felt really bad in L/S/N Government class my friend Wendy was really concerned about me AW GOD LOVE HER!! so she told me to go to the nurse but I didn't want to so I just sat there taking notes while other kids went up to teach but I kept falling asleep which never happens since I like that class and the assistant teacher noticed and kept waking me up. IT'S THE DAYQUIL IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU NON-DORWSY!! So then I went to Piano where we had to play the G-major scale which I can play fine until I get to playing halves or really fast then I screw up. So anywayz I can play three songs play heart now Good King Whinschel, Jingle Bells, and another song I can't remember. So I get out of that class with back pain and my fingers hurting. I went to Spanish and did nothing but work and watch a video. Then went to lunch where my friend bugged me yet again for lunch I told her I'm not buying lunch and that I couldn't remember my PIN Number. So I talked to another friend of mine's boyfriend his names David Rodriguez same last name as mines and HE TOLD I STOLE HIS LAST NAME MAN I'M A TENTH GRADER AND HE'S IN NINTH WHICH MEANS I'M OLDER SO HE STOLE MY LAST NAME!! Anywayz my friend threaten me saying she wasn't going to give me a birthday present but I got her back saying the se wouldn't come to my party HAHAHA!! So then I went to English I had a subsitute and remember what my english teacher told me I decide to do my work while listening to music and it actually helps me it cuts the rest of the noises from the class out and let's me concentrate. Then I got home and this idea has been bugging me to be put into the story so I want to ask you guys opinion. What if Gojyo decide to do Aya as a way to get his uhh fix since he got kicked out and all or have her transform into him since she can do that if you've read the second chapter of the first story but that be kinda weird? I think that would make things even worse unless I made Hakkai do somebody::sigh:: so many problems. WHOO I got Saiyuki DB 5 two days ago but not before my mom pissed me off yet again she made me cry and I was gonna apologize to her too. Oh well my birthday's in three days YAY!!!! I'll be 15 soon!!! Well I guess I should work on my story and my homework so til next post SAYONARA!!!

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