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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

   TODAY'S POST: Today Was Just An Average Day In The Life Of BlueStormSword...
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Well today I went to school like I always do and I FORGOT MY ID AGAIN AY BAKE ME!! So when I was on my way to class my old history teacher Mr. BattlesSaw that I was walking by his class again since I always visit him HE WAS LIKE MY FAVORITE TEACHER!! And so he started to yell at me not like he mad just sarcasm like "GET TO CLASS AND WHERE'S YOUR ID!?" I told him "I forgot it and that I'm going to my class to get one." then he grab me and smack me head that's the first time he ever hit me since I was such a good kid...sorta and today was an B-Day so that meant I had Biology which I didn't even do anything since we took a Benchmark RAWR I hate those. Anywayz I worked on copying another story into a notebook so I plan on finishing that one up too. But anywayz then I went to Geometry and fell asleep again I swear I don't want to keep falling asleep my teacher need to be more interesting or at least have some authority WAKE ME UP IF I FALL ASLEEP DAMMIT don't let me get away with it. Then, I went to Health were I had to present my brocherue on Cataracts on I have this thing where I talk really fast so half the people thought I was talking about the lungs when Cataracts effects the eyes. Then I went to lunce and hung out with my friend then I went to English where I had another subsitute so I just talked to my friend Emma then I went home and fell asleep for an hour. So now I'm posting I've finished the Inuyasha movie and I'm watching Chrono Crusade. Well I'm off to finish up my story and watch MIND FREAK!!! A kick ass show so til next post SAYONARA!!!

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