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Monday, September 5, 2005

   Daily Post For BlueStormSword: I'M TIRED!!!
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Argh it's Labor Day no school and there's nothing to watch on T.V. well I guess I have an anime marathon WHOO YAY!!! I just wish it was Tuesday okay it may be already out where you live but maybe that's because you're on the west coast or something but I live in Maryland the east coast so things are released later. Well tomorrow Saiyuki DB 5 comes out and so does the new Inuyasha movie and I want to get it so I'm hoping my mom takes me to Best Buy but she wants to go to Circuit City for her movies BLEH!!! They don't sell anime that's why I don't like them but at least she's getting Crash I wanted to see it because it looked like a good movie and my mom told me about it so I'm gonna see it as soon as mom brings it home. And my dad was willing to lend me some money GOD I LOVE HIM!!! Anywayz I doubt it'd be sold out I know it comes with a soundtrack but I don't care I mean it'd cool to get it but I just want the movie and I don't see the anime aisle full of people whenever I go but just in case I better not get cocky I may not get it. Well I'm almost finish copying my second chapter into the notebook and I've added some revision to it like it's two-parts since it's getting really long so I need to split it. So I think part ones almost finish and part two is going to have the actually party so don't worry folks I'm working on it. Well that's all I wanted to post so til next post SAYONARA!!!

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